In order to apply for the Artha Venture Challenge you must attain the application criteria (see here for more details: Application Criteria) and upload the following information to the arthaventurechallenge.com website when you fill in your online registration form. Please prepare these documents in advance of completing the online application.

  • An Executive Summary – use the template provided and then upload using the webform at www.arthaventurechallenge.com
  • 1 year financial history
  • 3 years financial forecast

Application submissions are accepted all year round. The earlier you submit your applications in any given financial year, the higher the likelihood that you may achieve a funding round. When you submit an application to the AVC, some of your core input fields will be used to create the core of an Artha Platform profile, which you can then activate and use at your discretion. If you do not activate your profile, it will sit dormant.

All fields marked with (*) are compulsory.

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How is your venture structured legally? *
Cooperative, Non profit companies, Society, Trust or University leads to auto rejection and you won't be able to submit the application.
Any related entities to your existing venture? *
e.g. not for profit, holding, subsidiary, etc.
When was your venture incorporated? *
Which sector and sub-sector does your venture target? *
Which of the following best describes your current status? *
Who will be the beneficiaries of your product / service?*
Tell us about what your venture does in one sentence? *
Describe your venture in one sentence :
We provide x for x people and as a result x happens.
What was your turnover, gross profit and net profit for the last 12 months? *
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How many staff are directly employed by your venture? *
The full time equivalent employees (not advisors, interns).
What type of impact will your product / service have on the BoP / poor?*
INDIRECT leads to auto rejection and you won't be able to submit the application.

Direct   Indirect 

How many direct beneficiaries has your venture reached in the last 12 months? *
How many people are directly impacted though the products and services that you offer? .
Tell us about any investment you have secured since starting your venture? *
Please mention the name of the investors, date and amount and investment type (debt, equity, grant).
Is there any interest from other investors to invest in your venture (matched funding)? *
Please mention the name of the investors, date, amount and investment type (debt, equity, grant).
Has your enterprise received incubation support or attended an accelerator program? *
The Proposition *
Tell us more about your solution to a social problem, your product, the market in which you work and the target customers / beneficiaries who engage with you.
• What is your core product or service?
• What is the social problem you have identified and how does your venture effectively address this social problem?
• Who is your target market?
• How do you generate income?
• Please describe the products or services that you sell?
• Who are your key customers / why do they buy from you?
• How do you reach your customers what is your route to market?
• What is your competitive advantage over others?
• Who are your top 3 competitors?
The Performance *
Tell us about your performance results so far:
• Have your sales increased significantly, can you demonstrate momentum in your sales pipeline?
• What social impact have you delivered to date and what key metrics do you use?
• What is the evidence that there are more customers who want your product or service and how big is your market of potential customers?
The People *
• Tell us about what motivates you grow this venture and why you are the right person to lead this growth.
• Please outline the key skills and experience you, your core team and board members bring to this venture
• What %age of management team time is devoted to this venture?
• Outline any key external partnerships you have that help your business
The Plan *
Please describe your growth plan for the next 3 years.
• Outline your targets for financial and social impact over the next three years (For instance how many direct beneficiaries will your venture reach in the next 12 months)?
• Briefly outline the growth model for scaling your venture
• What are the key opportunities that make this the right time to scale up your venture?
• What are the key risks associated with growth and how will you mitigate them?
• What are your key challenges being faced?
How did you hear about the Artha Venture Challenge? *
Please name 2 business references: *
Reference 1
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Relationship *
Reference 2
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Please attach your full financial information in a single spreadsheet. This must include:

  • 1 year historical financial information
  • 3 years profit & loss and cash flow forecast
  • Key assumptions on costs and income forecasts
  • Business Plan
  • Additional Information

Choose Files to Upload

NOTE: * each file size of 3 files should not exceed 5 MB .

All applicants for the Artha Venture Challenge are asked to please pre-register themselves on the Artha Platform, by clicking here: http://www.arthaplatform.com/preregistration. This will allow you to pre-register your profile on our formal platform and to receive login information,which will be a pre-requisite for consideration in the AVC competition. Your application will not be considered final until your Artha Platform profile is complete. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on info@arthaplatform.com. Thank you!