Company Name:Aakar Innovations Pvt Ltd.




Aakar Innovations

Sombodhi Ghosh - Co-Founder


Problem: Over 300 million women in India do not use sanitary pads. Dirty rags, sand and ash are all they have to get through their menstrual periods each month. The result : life threatening diseases, social isolation and high levels of school drop outs amongst adolescent girls. A woman loses close to 5 years of her productive life due to menses not just in India but in developing countries all over the world.


Solution & Impact: Aakar is addressing this social issue by providing rural women and adolescent girls with high quality, biodegradable sanitary pads, produced using indigenously available raw materials, at an affordable cost. Aakar supports the demand by increasing community awareness on menstrual hygiene, and creates supply by manufacturing and selling machines (to produce the pads), and managing the raw material supply chain. It supports the production units by creating marketing linkages, and assisting it with financial linkages wherever required.


Investment Needed: INR- 50 lacs- 75lacs