Company Name:Knids Green




Knids Green

Anuj Kumar - Managing Director


KNIDS GREEN provides an integrated value chain for equitable and holistic development of small, marginal and landless Growers and roadside Vegetable Vendors. 


Problem: While the SMAL (Small, Marginal and Landless) Growers face the problem of unavailability of Direct Market Access, Delayed Price Discovery, and Unfair Practices by the Middlemen, the Road Side Vendors suffer because of the Left-Over Vegetables, Uncertainty of Income and Long Working Hours, the Consumers suffer because of Price Fluctuations, Unhygienic Product and Non-Assurance of the Quality of the produce.


Solution: To address these problems faced by the different stakeholders of the value chain, KNIDS GREEN found solution in form of Samriddhii(TM) Grameen Kendra, the collection center for the vegetables from the farmers’ fields. These centers are located at the village level and provide the direct market access to the growers along with the advance procurement price mechanism. For the roadside vendors, KNIDS GREEN developed unique Samriddhii(TM) AC Green Carts and Samriddhii(TM) Value Chain. Samriddhii(TM) AC Green Carts are the unique vegetable vending carts, which has the facility to retain the freshness of vegetables for a longer period. Samriddhii(TM) Value Chain is the front-end distribution network, which takes care of the problem of the leftover vegetables, by taking back the leftover vegetables from its vendors. The consumers of KNIDS GREEN get the fresh and hygienic vegetables in packaged form which passes through 3-stage quality check to maintain the quality and the uniformity of the produce. KNIDS GREEN has also introduced the fixed prices for the produce throughout the day, which helps consumers in deciding their purchase.


Impact: The Impact of the initiative by KNIDS GREEN has been in form of direct market access to the farmers and increased income up to 1.5 times. The vendors on the other hand don’t have to worry about the losses, as they are assured of income in form of fixed salary and incentives for higher sales. The consumers are benefited by the availability of the assured quality of fresh and hygienic produce at competitive prices.


Investment Needed:  KNIDS GREEN is looking for an investment of around INR 50 Million (USD 0.85 Million) as a mix of Debt and Equity.