Company Name:Sakhi Unique Rural Enterprise




Sakhi Unique Rural Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Upmanyu Patil - CEO 

Sakhi Unique Rural Enterprise Private Limited was founded in 2009 as Sakhi Retail Private Limited. We specialize in:

  • Creation of a rural retail women entrepreneur network focussed on reaching out clean and green energy product solutions to those at the Base of the Pyramid- .We aim at building an ecosystem for promoting the use of clean energy products and solutions as well as building the entrepreneurial capacity of our women network that delivers and services these solutions for those at the BOP.
  • Micro Business Incubator – We encourage rural women entrepreneurs to undertake micro businesses which result in a social impact by providing them access to technology, finance and markets.

SURE has built long standing strategic partnerships with leading companies in the sector for prototyping and producing clean and green products for the rural BOP markets, we also support such companies in cutting down distribution costs and reaching the BOP market in an effective manner.

SURE  is a business associate of Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) a learning and development grassroots based organization.


1. Energy Deficiency:

  • 82 % of the population living in rural areas do not have access to electricity and use traditional modes of energy like animal dung; agricultural waste etc.
  • Use of traditional fuel is estimated to cause around 400,000 premature annual deaths due to various respiratory problems.
  • Rural women have to walk many kilometres - leaving nearly two-fifths of women malnourished and anaemic.

2. Water contamination:

  • In Rural area 80 % health problems – water borne diseases and high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in water.
  • Permissible level of TDS in Water – 50 -100 mgs/Liters. However in rural areas today it is as high as 600 – 1200 mgs/ Liters.
  • Poor affordability – Individual Water filters- Bottled drinking water – forces usage of contaminated water.

In both the above scenario it is often the women of households who face the brunt of the above problems. Hence we sought to empower women and involve them by providing skills and organized platforms to attain sustainable livelihoods and incomes while promoting community development. 


Building the capacity and skills of women in rural areas by providing them access to technology, markets and finance  facilitating them in taking up businesses in relation to clean and green energy solutions and health and sanitation, thereby involving communities in their own welfare and ensuring sustainability through a business perspective.

SURE aims at creating a rural to rural energy chain whereby rural women entrepreneurs undertake the marketing of clean energy solutions to those at the Base of the Pyramid thereby reducing distribution costs and streamlining rural supply chains.

SURE has built long standing strategic partnerships with leading companies in the sector for prototyping and producing clean and green products with active participation and inputs from our rural women retail network thereby reaching those at the BOP in an effective manner.

SURE has recently also incubated 2 micro entrepreneurs in Solapur to enable them to establish their own micro businesses resulting in social impact to their community by facilitating their access to technology and finance.


  • SURE has reached out  70,000+ improved cook stoves  and bio fuel  pellets to rural low income households. 
  • Social Impact
  • Skilling  rural  women  to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs
  • Creation of network of women entrepreneurs' and grassroots business leaders.
  • Positive behaviour change towards clean and green solutions.
  • Economic Development
  • More than 33% income growth annually per Sakhis.
  • Households have saved around ten million Rupees a month on fuel; reduced indoor air pollution which has led to better health and productivity for women, girls and families.* (* Rs. 150 per month saved on cooking fuel cost per household)
  • Health & Environment
  • Reduces pollution levels in kitchens
  • Enhanced health standards
  • Release of productive time for women and girls.  
  • Set up Water treatment plant in Latur – TDS brought down to 60 -70 mgs/ Liter
  • Provide water at Re 1 /- Liter at the door step of end consumers.
  • Currently supplying to more than0 100 households from our water treatment plants in 3 different locations.

Investment Needed: We are looking at funding for around USD 3- 4 million. Yes the same can be showcased on Artha Portal.