Company Name:Villgro Innovation Marketing Pvt. Ltd.




Villgro Innovation Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Ashutosh Kumar Sinha - CEO 

VIMPL is making Indian agriculture profitable and help rural folks them live better through sustainable, superior and safe products for agriculture, dairy, water & energy.

Problem: Unsustainable farming practice leads to a loss of USD 2000 per year per family. 600 million farmers -i.e. about 150-160 million families in rural India suffers this loss every year which is bigger than their total income. Income of rural poor (farm and dairy sector) can be increased by 30-50% and sustained over current levels if available new technology, product and services made accessible to them. On the other hand marketing cost of new products can significantly reduce if adoption time is shortened (which is 3-5 years on an average for agricultural/ dairy inputs); these products & services become more affordable. At the same time spurious products and improper information through unreliable channel make small and marginal farmers risk averse and slow adopters which trap them in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Solution: VIMPL employs a holistic approach to solve the problem of unsustainable agriculture by finding on superior, sustainable & safe products; making products accessible to un served/ underserved villages and supporting users with on time – on farm advisory. VIM’s unique product scouting process User Centered Innovation Development ensures actual users are involved in selection of best suited products. Village Level Entrepreneurs make products accessible inside villages and an on demand advisory system helps farmer to use these products in right way.

Impact: Our offering is focused on creating sustainable income increase with no harm to environment. We have audited our impacts to various stakeholders in two different studies. These studies have confirmed primary impacts of income generation in sustainable ways to Consumers and VLEs and found that the impact has been significant. More than Rs 100 million of wealth created for customers over last 2 years.

Investment Needed: We are raising about 1.6 Crore (USD275K) of investment now.