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Thulir Learning Solutions

Poor learning outcomes are the biggest problem with the current system of education which focuses more on marks and has failed to unleash the potential of every child. There are many factors that attribute to the current scenario including scarcity of quality and passionate teachers, and a lack of good learning aids.

Thulir not only answers these issues but also addresses the roots of these issues. Thulir offers world class content conceived and designed to meet the exact needs of the learners and is packaged and delivered via a platform where the learning happens based on the understanding level and not the age levels.

Thulir English, our first product, has the potential of making a non-native English speaking child an ace English communicator. This enables the child to understand any subject taught in English much better, thereby paving the way for academic excellence. With a vision to leave no child behind, we provide adaptive content to address the varied needs of every learner in a class or in a country.

Thulir today has made a significant improvement in the learning outcomes of more than 20,000 students across Tamil Nadu. Thulir’s DALE (Digital Adaptive Learning Environment) promotes independent learning through engrossed content and non-punitive learning and evaluation systems. We are on a mission to implement DALE even in the remote parts of our country and empower children without depending teachers.

A better tomorrow is an illusion; better children for tomorrow is a more certain solution.