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Janta Meals

The working class of urban India does not have access to hygienic, nutritious meals. People either cook outside their huts or rooms in the slums where they migrated to, using primitive stoves and fuel such as wood, twigs and leaves, or they purchase their meals from roadside vendors or dhabas due to a lack of time or skills to cook. Oil and spices are often diluted and of low quality, water used for cooking is contaminated, and so on. Also, cooking or purchasing meals is relatively expensive. Spendings on food for one person can easily exceed Rs. 2,000 a month.

As a result, people are often sick and suffer from malnutrition. Common diseases are diarrhoea and typhoid, typical shortages are anaemia, lack of vitamin A or C and lack of proteins. Since people usually do not have sick pay nor health insurance this has a major impact on their earning capacity and spendings.

Janta Meals prepares nutritious meals in a clean and hygienic kitchen and sells these through a network of micro-entrepreneurs (franchisees) who are based among our target group. Through bulk purchasing, efficient usage of fuel and mechanised cooking we can achieve prices as low as Rs. 20 for a meal. This gives our target group access to high quality meals and allows them to save on food at the same time. 

We realise the following impact:

  • People spend up to Rs. 600 less on food per month;
  • People report to have higher energy levels;
  • People report to no longer fall ill with food being cause;
  • The latter two also affect one’s earning capacity. 
  • In addition, people benefit from all other short and long term benefits that come with healthier food habits.