Company Name:Gram Mooligai

Location:Durg, Chattisgarh



Gram Mooligai

The rural producers of the raw herbs that go to making herbal medicines and honey get only 30% of the market price of the raw drugs and two to three percent of the end medicines, which continues the rural poverty and overexploitation of natural resources, with little replanting or conservation. Adulteration or substitution of herbs or poor quality of the raw materials is common. This harms the medicine quality and consumer health. In addition, there is little certification of sustainable, fair trade or organic produce in this area of production. 

Rural producer groups are supported by Gram Mooligai with (a) herbal farming, forest planting and beekeeping, (b) semi-processing and (c) collective marketing services under the “Village Herbs” brand. 

Gram Mooligai has enabled 4,000 poor families earn an average of Rs. 10,000 ($160) per year additional income, with 50% of them being from the central Indian poor and forested states that are hit by anti-state armed violence. It has also linked them to the corporates like Dabur, Himalaya, NABARD, local banks, formal credit, insurance and government schemes for livelihood development. Gram Mooligai plans to benefit 10,000 poor families by the year 2020.