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Ecozen Solutions

India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. Millions of farmers engaged in agriculture lose out on their deserved remuneration every year because of lack of energy infrastructure. Over 60% of arable land in India depends on rains for irrigation. In an attempt to solve this there are over 10 million diesel based pumps in India. Further, the country loses crops worth over 13,000 Crores every year because of lack of storage infrastructure. The farmers are exploited by the middlemen and forced to sell their produce as soon as they harvest for the fear of losing quantity and quality.

We are solving this problem by creating energy access for the pre-harvest and post-harvest needs of agriculture through solar power. Ecozen Solutions provides affordable solar pumping solutions with innovative technologies developed through its in-house research. Also, we provide solar powered cold storage systems for on-farm storage of fruits and vegetables. With our user-centric design and patent pending technologies, we are solving these problems is a unique, efficient and affordable manner; the products designed to especially suit the needs of the rural population.