Company Name:Sampurnearth Environmental Solutions


SectorLivelihood and Solid Waste management


Sampurnearth Environmental Solutions

With tremendous growth witnessed in the past few decades, waste management has become one of the key dimensions of sustainability.

Sampurn(e)arth provides context based decentralized solid waste management solutions which are environmental friendly, actively engages waste pickers and is profitable.  We target contexts like corporates, educational campuses, residential units and provide solutions to manage both biodegradable waste (handled through compost units or biogas plants) and non-biodegradable waste (channelized to recyclers). Waste pickers are trained and employed to manage these systems. We also provide value added services like waste audit, awareness, recycled paper stationery and manure utility. 

Initiated in 2010, Sampurn(e)arth was registered in 2012. Based out of Mumbai, today, we are a team of 45, have reached 50+ clients, managed about 1,200 MT of waste and engaged 14 wastepickers. In next few years, we are looking to reach a handling capacity of about 400-500 MT/day and engage about 1,000 wastepickers.