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Uber Diagnostics

According to various studies, globally 1.8 billion people are considered “at risk population” from cardio-vascular disease (CVD) related ailments. Most of the people in this category should be able to avoid a life threatening CVD event, if they are diagnosed early and corrective action is taken.

Indigenous Solution: CardioTrack is a networked, low cost, portable ECG device that is designed and manufactured in India.

Networked Device: At the present time, most of the medical diagnostics devices are stand-alone units. uber Diagnostics brings the power of cloud-based IT infrastructure to deliver advanced diagnostics which can assist doctors through data analytics to empower the healthcare industry.

Collaboration: uber Diagnostics has partnered with other healthcare initiatives for CardioTrack development and validation requirements including EMC2 (Bangalore), Lions Gate Technologies (Canada), St. John’s Research Institute (Bangalore), Cardia Medicare (New Delhi) and Fraser Health (Canada). 

India with a population of nearly 1.2 billion has 840,000 certified medical practitioners most of whom do not have easy access to an ECG machine. High cost and limited access to diagnostic equipment such as ECG monitor has made a large portion of the population vulnerable to cardio-vascular diseases. Low cost devices such as CardioTrack will allow early detection of potential for CVD among the “at risk population”.