Company Name:FlyBird Farm Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


SectorAgriculture (Precision Agriculture)


FlyBird Farm Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

FlyBird Farm Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has developed an affordable and innovative product Smart Irrigation Controller. The Irrigation Controller is an Automatic Precise Irrigation and Fertigation system. It can be programmed to regulate water and fertilizer using Soil Moisture/Temperature/Humidity sensors, and can help prevent under- & over- Irrigation and Fertigation to Crops/Plants. The smart irrigation controller has a built-in water saving features including a sensor to adjust to the optimal valve run-time based on plant requirements and on-site data gathered through sensors (soil/ moisture/ temperature etc.). Smart controllers help to provide a healthy crop while reducing water use. This not only saves water, but also reduces costs for farmers through labour reduction.