Company Name:Banka BioLoo




Banka BioLoo

Namita Banka - Founder & CEO


Banka BioLoo is a human waste management company, providing sustainable solutions for sanitation and waste water for rural and urban areas. 


Problem: Lack of adequate sanitation solutions in our country leads to water and environment pollution causing major health issues, more so among children and women. Open defecation and manual scavenging is a big blot on our economy. For many, primarily in rural areas, there is a belief “house is a temple”, many houses don’t build toilets in/near house. Lack of drainage infrastructure due to dependency on civic bodies is another problem.


Solution: We offer complete sanitation solutions from installation of toilets to waste treatment and management. We use robust bio-technology for the treatment of human waste at source and different structures for the toilet unit.


Impact: About 630 million people need toilets in rural and urban areas and have been denied this basic facility due to various reasons. Socio-environmental impact created till date - 3 million liters of water recycled, 100,000 kg of human waste treated, 5,000 people stopped defecting in open. In the next 10 years, we aim to provide sanitation facilities to 1 million.


Investment Needed: Undisclosed